November 3, 2013

summer time meal

So before it gets anymore colder, here I am sharing meals I made over the summer.

I had new attempt to make homemade Italian dressing. My mom's salad always had lettuces, carrots, celery and sliced apple that goes so well with Italian dressing.

I tried out making sliced baked potatoes again to go with one of the dish. It's fun to make but takes time to bake potatoes.

Another great place to enjoy your food you made is eating breakfast outside your patio. I wish I had hammock or something to take a nap outside after my meal.

It's getting cold really fast, take lot of ginger, green onion to avoid cold! That's my secret.

fried chicken + salad + baked potatoes

baked chicken

breakfast outside

baked bass

roasted potatoes

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