May 1, 2011

cheese cheese cheese!

Great place to have grilled cheese sandwiches at Kickshaw! Most of the stuff, I have no idea what I'm eating but everything there are delicious.

We tried their chocolate bars and pastry that they carry. Mast Brothers Chocolate has beautiful candy wrap I adore so much. I love dark chocolate so this had amazing taste!

They also serve pastry from Balthazar's croissants and sticky buns. Their sticky buns are simply amazing, and very well controlled sweetness.

I miss their food so much.

cheese on top toasts

i forget what's inside but it's was delicious

P&H Soda Co.

classic grilled cheese sandwich



breakfest sandwich!



1 comment:

  1. why does your town always have the best places to eat ? haha i feel like i'm missing out or something !


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