January 8, 2011

simple granola

I made simple granola over the holiday~ It only has oatmeal in it because that was the only dry ingredient I had with me.

I was curious to make this because I usually eat Nature Vally granola bar but one time I had Kashi's granola bar. Both of them tastes so different from each other so I wanted to see what it's like if it's homemade version.

Turns out all 3 of them tastes different and they're all good in different way. If you're a sweet tooth Nature Vally granola is perfect for you. For opposite people, Kashi granola is better. I've been used to eating Nature Vally that it actually feels like Kachi is missing something because it's so clean and has neutral taste.

As for homemade granola, you keep snacking until they're gone.

in a jar

homemade granola

yogurt parfait


  1. I LOVE homemade granola! Gabe and May makes it for us sometimes and I finish it so fast!

  2. yummy! did you use maple syrup to flavour it?

  3. What's your recipe? I'd like to try it :3


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