January 13, 2011

classic jewish chicken soup

I made classic Jewish chicken soup the other day.
Everything went well up to the point where I was waiting for the soup to finish simmering, I realize something was dripping from the ceiling. I look up and the entire kitchen ceiling was soaked! All that simmering condensed my ceiling. I live in a ghetto apartment that doesn't have fan above my stove. The water was dripping a lot from the ceiling so I quickly grabbed papertowel to absorb all the droplet and pulled out my dehumidifier and a fan. Luckly soup was safe.

So the bottom photo, that's how soaked the ceiling was. It literally looked like thick paint leaving droplets.

The soup was very yummy! Dill makes soup delicious~

classic jewish chicken soup

my ceiling


  1. looks really warm and comforting =]

  2. yummm i am definitely making that this week!


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