December 15, 2010


Continuing from my last post I went to Bookhou for the first time. I knew about them at One of the Kind Show few years ago. When I first time went to their booth at the show I loved their felted hot plate mat. I told myself not to spend money for myself until last weekend, I finally pushed myself to purchase it~

Bookhou is having Ornaments Group show at their store! Lots of adorable ornaments you can see and purchase~

Golden whale ornament

X'mas ornaments~



  1. great photos yukiko!
    How are the felt hot plates working?! they are so beautiful!

  2. Agree with Celine, the photos are wonderful!

  3. such a beautiful blog :) i loved the hot pot drawing on the window! i want one myself tonight brrr...
    i am not an illustrator but i like to doodle and i post using illustrations ... i wish i was as good as you though!!

  4. Thank you everyone
    This means so much to me!


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