February 4, 2010

my bag

It was time to make my own personalized bag just for me~

Large enough to put my sketchbook, agenda, pens, camera, cell phone, wallet and water bottle. Handle was made with crochet and the actual bag was sewed together with suit material.

more photos click here

my bag

my handmade bag


  1. oh how cute!
    how do you attach crochet piece with the fabric?

  2. Could it carry a netbook?

  3. I like the shape!

  4. Hey you guys~

    May - I overlapped crochet piece to rim of the bag and sewed all around it twice.
    I still have to add zipper but I'm already using it as a bag =)

    Mr. Ed - Yes, it can totally fit netbook!

    Celine - Thanks~! I like the shape too! It has lot of pockets so it keep my stuff organized~

  5. omg wow i wish you would do how to's on all this cool stuuff you make! i wnt to mke this tooooo!!!


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