February 20, 2007

meal 08

I was actually tired today, so I made a simple meal~ We all know how to make pasta, but I wanna show you this cheese loaf that looks familiar to somewhere~ any guess? ;)
It's the sun-dried tomato cheese loaf from swiss chalet~ The only thing I think I'm missing is some kind of olive oil like, because mine is kind of dry~ swiss chalet has more moister. But mine tastes clean =)
It's very easy to make.
-Buy any long narrow bread, chop green onion, and tomato and sundried tomato.
-Slice the bread 1 cm thick but don't cut it all the way, just stop at when you reach to the bottom.
-Stuff in grated cheese in the between the half sliced bread, then put all the topping, and put more cheese~
-just heat it up in the oven(about 250~300c or was it f?) until the cheese are completly melted~
I forgot to post this yesterday....
I went for Thai style meal yesterday~ Quick pork stir-fry with Thai style stir rice. To be honest the rice wasn't so good, it just didn't have taste, but the pork stir fry had amazing taste so it matched really well with the plane tasting rice~
Damn it I can't tell you what I used for this meal..... I don't remember anymore .... -_-

February 18, 2007

craft 01

It was a relaxing weekend, this weekend. I feel more productive and relaxed when I stay here in St. Catharines. Went to Chapters today to look at some books~ I'm too cheap to buy books so I go there look at the books and take many ideas much as I can ;)
After showing my meal, I want to share my crafts too!

This sketch was drawn while ago, when I got my camera so I guess about xmas? I wanted to make my own camera case design so here are the few designs.

Yes, it is easy to make. I don't really have excuse why it's taking so long to make one...... Just yesterday I finally cut out the fabric for the case.... -_- I think it's time for me to actually buy my own sewing machine, instead of using my mom's.Since I'm going back to Markham this coming weekend, hopefully I'll get this done~ My camera's been sitting there with the plastic bag that came with the box.

February 15, 2007

meal 06

I forgot to mention(how dare me) I got Tetris DS from Charles yesterday as Valentine gift~ =) Thank you sir, I love you very much~ vv
Just last night we were hogging the ds and see who can get the best record. It's a very low level fight between us for a very low score, if Yoshi sees this he'll be shocked how low the scoring is~ haha =)

You already know both left and right dishes, I made that earlier~ The main focus is the center one. It's a fried rice ball~ This one is from a reciepe in asian cook book~ It seemed easy so I tried~ But it took very long time -_- haha But it's good! It's basically rice mixed with minced garlic, ginger with soy sauce and fried with peanuts crumb. Very yummy~~

February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine v

Happy Valentine everyone~ I rarely celebrate valentine but i tried this year~ I actually spent LOT of time on dinner and here it is =)
This is my menu that I made up earlier: Garlic shrimp with mash potato, pasta shell with riccota cheese with spinach and mushroom and greenpepper stuffing inside it. And then grilled mini tomato. I'm sure this exsits somewhere but whatever, it's my work of art =)
Here's my demented looking blueberry pie~ -_- haha I was laughing when I saw how the pie crust turned out~ so retarded It's not so bad for the first try =)
It matches really well with ice creme~mmmmm~~~

February 11, 2007

nokia 6103

It's been 2 weeks having this bag~
You know where I got this? Super Store~ hahaha~ It's cute and simple isn't it ;) It's an awesome bag though. It's not too small for a purse and it's not too big for a luggage, it's good for going back to Toronto. And it's really good for putting my crafts =)
The buttons are from xbox360's viva pinata characters~

So a long to my beautiful cell phone that I used for 8 years..... Meet my new cellphone. It was free so I can't really complain but SOOO GAY!!! I don't want any of these extra useless features..... I swear these extra animation crap takes up more battery man.
I already miss my old cellphone.

February 7, 2007

meal 04

My very first tempura start from scratch~ it looks nice, it tastes fine but the batter is too soft -_- But i've learned a lot when I did this, I see the idea of how tempura batter works~
Man, I need greenery to balance out this color scheme~
Went back to Toronto for my teeth check up and implant check up~ Yes, I manage to put 2 different dental appointment in one day~ I'm actually sick of driving back just for one occasion and to skip work. Both went well~ I just have to keep my metal tube clean, and floss more. -_-

February 4, 2007

meal 03

I had to cook these drum stick soon because they already passed there freeze burn. This is my regular soy sauce boiled chicken drum stick. But this time I made a sauce to pour it on and then bake it for about 20 min or until you see the nice rich brown coating. The sauce has housin sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce, honey, and chopped garlic-ginger-green onion. This sauce is amazing, I was surprized how good it was! =)

Another productive day today~ Did the laundry, while then I was designing a logo for my site.I'll stick with this design for now ;)

Also I designed another purse for my next project~ Man, I have all these ideas but I have no time actually MAKING it =( I WANT MORE TIME~!!!! This one is going to be a shirt that I stop wearing and make that shirt into a purse. It already has distintive look so all I have to do is form the shirt into a bag. I guess that's the hard part -_- haha

February 3, 2007

shop shop shop~

Good day today~ Charles and I went to Canada Factory Outlet and checked out Garage Clothing, and man this place is the second cheapest clothing store with decent quality. These 4 clothings are $50 all together. Sexy isn't it? =)

I actually waited for the skirt to be cheaper and it was worth it. $25 became $10!! nice~!! Same goes it the pants, $35 dropped down to $10 also!

Yeah, they're all grey but I dont have that much grey so I thought I'll buy few for now~ =)

After that we went to a mall that's close to our apartment and exchanged Charles new winter jacket that he bought yesterday. Then we went to bubble tea, Quizos and went home and watched a
Mind Game.

This is my kind of movie that I would recommend~ If you have the chance, WATCH IT!!!!!! It's an awesome movie~!

The Big O

Just yesterday I started watching The Big O. I've only gone to episode 3, so far it's a pretty cool anime. I always wanted to watch it because I liked how the drawing were. And then when I actually watched it, I really like the style. It's like Batman, with anime style in it. Very simplfied scenery, how I like it =)

I tried watching Macross zero but dvd was being retarded so I gave up watching it.

I think I'll stick with Big O for now.

meal 02

My cuurent addiction is asparagus, mushroom and cashew stir-fry~
I just love the combination of cashew and vegetables!! It's so easy to make, and it's healthy~ The rice bowl has eel in it =)

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