December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 24, 2016

Happy Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope everyone's excited for Christmas tomorrow.

Spent the few days with Tim to do chalkboard art together drawing Christmas theme using Funko Pop's Santa and Rudolph.

Funko chalkboard art

Funko chalkboard art

Funko chalkboard art

Funko chalkboard art

Funko chalkboard art
photograph by Tim
Funko chalkboard art
photograph by Tim

December 4, 2016

Candy Cane Mitten Pattern

My second attempt to make mittens for the winter!

I had mittens that I was wearing it for almost a decades and still wanted to continue to use them. So to carry on, I made knitted mittens and use my old mitten as inside lining to make good use of it.

This post includes free pattern to make Candy Cane Mittens without the lining.

Candy Cane mitten

I had these grey mittens from high school that I got it as a gift. After using it for 17 years now, it was time to make changes. I re-used this mitten as lining for my new knitted mitten so I modified to make it smaller to fit, remove any tags.

Candy Cane mitten

Candy Cane mitten

Candy Cane mitten

Candy Cane mitten

Candy Cane mitten

Candy Cane mitten

Candy Cane Mitten Pattern
Simple Christmas colors with scalloped patterns with striped thumb.
*you need basic understanding of circle knitting and knitting thumb hole.

Needle Size: 8US/5mm
Yarn Type: 4-Medium
-Red yarn
-White yarn

Cast 36 with red yarn
Row 1-12 : K, K, P, P, Repeat (K, K, P, P,) across
Row 13-29 : K across.
Row 30 : Using separate yarn to discard later on, stitch across K8. Go back to red yarn and K across.
Row 31 - 38 : K across.
Row 39 : Switch to white yarn, K1 white, K4 red, K2 white, Repeat (K4 red, K2 white) across.
Row 40 : K2 white, K2 red, K4 white, Repeat (K2 red, K4 white) across.
Row 41 - 54 : K across white.
Row 55 : Decrease K1, K35, Decrease K1.
Row 56 : Decrease K1, K15, Decrease K1, K15, Decrease K1.
Row 57 : Decrease K1, K13, Decrease K1, K13, Decrease K1.
Row 58 : Decrease K2, K9, Decrease K2, K9, Decrease K2.
Row 59 : Decrease K3, K3, Decrease K3, K3, Decrease K3.

Row 1 : K across white.
Row 2 : K across red.
Repeat Row 1 and 2 until 16th row.

Candy Cane mitten

November 27, 2016

Printable 2017 Calendar

I'm excited to share that I finally got the 2017 Calendar ready at my Etsy shop!

I've been experimenting inking to draw kids doing activities. I combined my character, Kite with that style and illustrated activity you do for the month. Each month have unique illustration hand drawn so you can see what these kids are doing for the month.

Digital Download is available now in 2 different sizes:
PRINTABLE : Letter Size 2017 Nursery Calendar
PRINTABLE : Mini Desk Nursery Calendar 2017

If you missed out my last year one, it's also available for 2017 too!

Nursery Calendar 2017

Mini Desk Nursery Calendar 2017

Mini Desk Nursery Calendar 2017

2017 Calendar wip shots

2017 Calendar wip shots

2017 Calendar wip shots

Mini Desk Nursery Calendar 2017

Mini Desk Nursery Calendar 2017

Mini Desk Nursery Calendar 2017

Nursery Calendar 2017

November 15, 2016

Outfit Inspiration 9

Comfortable wear of boyfriend jeans with chunky knitted cardigan.

Chunky Knitted Cardigan : Urban Outfitter // Light Gray Crop Top : Buffalo // Black Tank Top : Target // Boyfriend Jeans : Joe Fresh // Slip On Flats : Keds

Outfit Inspiration #9

November 13, 2016

Outfit Inspiration 8

There's time you can wear slippers still in warm Fall season.

Grey Cardigan : Old Navy / White Tanktop : Target / Black Tights : Gap / Cork Sole Flipflops : Garage Clothing / Necklace : White Feather Designs / Denim Purse : Mexx

Outfit Inspiration #8

November 7, 2016

October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

This year I went for simple Jack-o-lantern with little design element carved out within its face.

Happy Halloween everyone!

pumpkin carving 2016

pumpkin carving 2016

October 23, 2016

Knitted Pillow Case

I always wanted to try using those chunky yarn to make pillow case or cozy blanket with it.
Here is my first project on it!

Easy to make, scroll down for pattern.

Pillow Case

Pillow Case: materials

Chunky Yarn Knitted Pillow Case

- Bernat Blanket BIG : Light Teal
- Yarn : Jumbo 7 / 10cm x 10cm = 2.5sts x 3.5R
- Needle Size 50US/25mm
- Standard Pillow 16''x16''
Knitting Type: Ribbed

Side A:
Cast: 11st
Row 1: K P K P K P K P K P K
Row 2: P K P K P K P K P K P
Repeat Row 1 and 2 again until you hit row 11.

Side B:
Repeat side A pattern.

1. Once you finish knitting 2 sides, sew 3 sides together.
2. Slip in cushion inside and then sew the last side. 

Pillow Case: close up

Pillow Case

October 16, 2016

Outfit Inspiration 7

I like the combination of wearing large scarf with high-rise bun hair style.

Tube Scarf : handmade scarf by me / Forever 21 : blue striped shirt / Esprit : black cargo pants / Converse : white

Outfit Inspiration 7

October 8, 2016

Gift Wrap Decoration 8: Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball was one of the manga that got me into drawing when I was a child. There was time I made birthday cards for my friends with Dragon Ball characters.

I think back now wishing I took photos of those cards I made for people.... It's nothing like now where you can casually take any photos you want.

For now this is the start.

Gift Wrap Decoration 8

October 1, 2016

September 24, 2016


Tried out making my first Tsukune following Tastemade Japan's recipe!
Tsukune is Japanese meatball often cooked on skewers. It goes well with soy based sauce. 

I like this recipe because it's more like meat pancake so it's so much easier to prepare and cook.

It's great for side dish or eat it as a meal with rice bowl. Try it out!


- 150g ground pork or ground chicken
- 100g firm tofu
- 1/4 stick of naganegi(Japanese leek)
- 1 tsp ginger
- 1 white egg, set yolk aside
- 1 tsp soy sauce
- 2 tbsp corn starch
- 1 tsp salt

- 50g enoki mushroom
- 2 tbsp soy sauce
- 1 tbsp sugar
- 1 tbsp mirin(japanese cooking wine)
- 1 tbsp sake
- 3 tbsp potato starch with 3 tbsp water, mixed

- 1 cup, green onion chopped
- 1 yolk

1. Mix all Tsukune ingredient in a bowl very well.

2. Preheat the medium size skillet to med-high, pour the mix in.

3. Flatten the mix into pancake form, spread it to skillet size, make sure you have enough space to flip the meat pancake.

4. Cook for 6-8min. Flip then cook for another 5min. Check inside is fully cooked and set on a plate.

5. In the same skillet, cook enoki for few min. Then add Sauce ingredients until thickens.

6. Pour the sauce on meat pancake.

7. Garnish with green onion and yolk.

Tsukune sliced

September 18, 2016

T-shirt Rug

Things you can do with unused t-shirts.
There's always that free t-shirt giveaways or you don't wear anymore.

I used them to make into yarn and crochet them into rug. I bought 5 drawers from IKEA to put into my studio but I didn't want to damage my wooden floor. It was hard to find exact rug size I want and it took a while but I choose to crochet my own rug that fits just right!

I started with making a t-shirt into strips and spool into a ball. The best  fabric to use is an old bed sheets! That makes lot of yarn!

My studio is still a mess to show yet, but hopefully in the winter I can spend time to decorate the place the way I want it.

Recycled Tshirt Rug

Recycled Tshirt Rug: yarn

Recycled Tshirt Rug: crocheting

Recycled Tshirt Rug

Recycled Tshirt Rug

Recycled Tshirt Rug

Recycled Tshirt Rug

September 5, 2016

Outfit Inspiration 6

Comfortable casual wear with boyfriend jeans. T-shirt is from Pixar's Up from Hot Topic.

Hot Topic : "Adventure is out there" t-shirt / Orb : leather belt / Joe Fresh : boyfriend jeans / Converse : chuck taylor ox casual shoes

Outfit Inspiration #6
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