May 28, 2008

ODE to EDO art show

Jerome Jenner Gallery presents
A collection of Authentic Samurai Armors + 20 Contemporary Artists.

Opening: Thur June 19, 7-11pm. (June 19th-30th)
2880 Dundas West in the Junction Toronto ON
As for some people may know, I'm having a art show with group people at Jerome Jenner Gallery~
I usually do everything on computer but this time I'm going try with all natrual media on board. I just bought a board over the weekend and started working on it last night. It actually felt nice to go back to paint on board again~ I think it's been 2 years last time I did it. Hope this turns out well~
So I hope you guys can make it to this show, I'll definitly be there on the opening (June 19th), whole hour.
And I'll be selling my t-shirt that I designed for my friend Kestin's eLLIPTIC clothing company. I haven't seen it so I'm very excited to see it! =)

May 22, 2008

trip to NYC

I went to NYC with Charles this long weekend between 17th~ 21st.
I planned out where I want to go so I made a NYC map from google map and print them on legal size paper at work~ Since I'm not using their benefits I'll might as well abuse their paper and printer. There's more place I added later on but if anyone need this, it's here~ =) It actually got handy so we can compare it with the subway map~

This is the store hours schedule. Now there's too many things to tell and I've been writing about my trip in my sketchbook so I'm all worked up on telling story~ So here I'm just going to tell you where I went~
Here are all the photos!

NYC day 1 : Sat. May 17 2008
We landed to JFK around 5ish. From there we took the subway, it literally took us 3 hours just to get to Astoria, Queens.... We stayed at Charles's sisters apartment~ I got sick from the flight so it went hell for me during the subway ride. We ended the day with take out from near the apartment.

NYC day 2 : Sat. May 18 2008
FAO Schwarz
Apple Store
Louis Vuitton
Disney store
MoMA store
Nintendo World
Time Square area
Toys R us (Time Square)
Urban Outfitter
Crash (wine store)
The Container Store

NYC day 3 : Mon. May 19 2008
Compleat Strategist
A.I. Friedman (art supplies store)
Atrium NYC
Purl Patchwork (fabric store)
Purl (yarn store)
Harness Dog (dog clothing store)
Pearl River
Foot Locker
MoMA Soho
Cones (best gelato)
Beard papa's (best cream puff)
Momofuku (best noodle place)
Whole Food Market

NYC day 4 : Tues. May 20 2008
Midtown Comic
ICFF (furniture trade show)
Billy's Bakery (good chocolate buttermilk cupcake)
Forbidden Planet (comic store)
Strand Book Store
Shoe Mania
Barns & Nobel
Bath & Body Works

Blue Ribbon
Cones (best gelato)

NYC day 5 : Wed. May 21 2008
Head back to Canada~

May 12, 2008

coin pouch with PATTERN

I keep my changes seperate to my cards and bills so I decided to make my own little coin pouch~

Here are more photos~

This whole weekend I kept myself busy designing t-shirts for Kestin and relayouting my website~ The infomation about the t-shirt will come up soon but the website turned out nice~ Very mellow feeling ;)

May 4, 2008

jerome jenner grand opening

Another busy busy weekend~ Friday after work I went back to Markham and chilled at Eldon's to check out GTA, Echochrome and GT5 prologue. GTA had quite improvement with the graphic, I was quite surprized. It's a very fun game though, the online games are really fun. It's funny to see the glitch what online can do ;) After that I went to Timmy's for cup of coffee with Jen. I had to go home early because I have a LONG day on Saturday~
I work up really early to meet up with Celine at downtown to look for decorations on her dress. That already took whole morning, we're getting close to her dress be done! So exciting~ We went to spring/summer Clothing Show~ Sadly they didn't have the sample section of Gental Farm again so I was disappointed by that.... But the good thing was I was able to buy knitting needles for $1 a set. So I bought 4 knitting set and a crochet hooks~ Great deal!! I also bought a skirt from a streetwear section~ A very nice one =)
For dinner Celine introduced me to a best homemade pizza ever made in toronto. I had Terroni's pizza! It was so light that I was able to eat the whole pizza. I would so want to have that again~
Then we drove to Jerome Jenner gallery's grand opening night at the Junction. It's a HUGE place!!!
It just keeps going!! One of the featured photographers Steve Carty's photography I liked a lot. He took the girls very hot ;)
So we stayed there for couple of hours, after that Jin drove us back to Don Mill station. We decided to have bubble tea beside the i cook buffet, it was 30 min wait so the waitress told us to give one of our cell number so she can call us when the table is open. While we wandered around T&T's cake at the bakery section looked delicious so we decided buy ourselves cakes and drinks. After finishing the cake and the drink, they bubble tea place never called us back.... those pig basterd.

I drive home on Sunday and go water my eggling and LOOK!! It grew!! I got 2 little heads poping out of the soil~ so cute!

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