February 4, 2007

meal 03

I had to cook these drum stick soon because they already passed there freeze burn. This is my regular soy sauce boiled chicken drum stick. But this time I made a sauce to pour it on and then bake it for about 20 min or until you see the nice rich brown coating. The sauce has housin sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce, honey, and chopped garlic-ginger-green onion. This sauce is amazing, I was surprized how good it was! =)

Another productive day today~ Did the laundry, while then I was designing a logo for my site.I'll stick with this design for now ;)

Also I designed another purse for my next project~ Man, I have all these ideas but I have no time actually MAKING it =( I WANT MORE TIME~!!!! This one is going to be a shirt that I stop wearing and make that shirt into a purse. It already has distintive look so all I have to do is form the shirt into a bag. I guess that's the hard part -_- haha

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