September 30, 2010

do you remember Piddlesworth?

Couple of years ago, I posted crochet project of panda bear named Piddlesworth and Baby Piddlesworth. I also posted this on a forum at Craftster with Baby Piddlesworth's pattern for people who's interested making one of their own.

noali made 2 adorable Baby Piddlesworth where one of it is a custom color~

I was worried if the instruction was properly informed but she said everything else went well except for the "Making into an arm(with paws)" section. I tried reading it back and I don't even understand what I wrote... haha so I'll go back to it someday and fix that instruction!!

Other than that, I'm flattered to know someone created their version of Piddlesworth. Thanks noali~



September 23, 2010

my dress concept

I did a illustration of a dress I made few years ago. Still fits me right~ Fashion illustration is fun to do. It let's me free my mind.

I still have extra fabric of this nice wool maybe I'll make something else!

my dress

September 20, 2010

big pom-pom scarf

Few days ago I illustrated a girl and a scarf with big pom-poms. I just recently finished knitting a scarf like the image ~

I was happy the way it turned out and the selection of the yarn I used (LOOPS & THREADS; Charisma) was so soft on my skin! The pom-pom was the difficult part. I have never made a pom-pom this large so I had to be precise. Each pom-pom used 1 1/2 of yarn to make! 3 whole yarn to make 2 big pom-poms!! That's a lot!

After attaching the pieces together I was looking forward to wearing this this fall! ....I tried it on and it turned out to be the HEAVIEST scarf I ever wore.... It almost feels like wearing ball of chain on your neck!

So I have totally miscalculated how heavy 1 1/2 worth of yarn would be...I'll leave it for now and see how this goes. If it's too heavy then I'll consider trimming them to smaller size!




September 12, 2010

yummy jam

Now that I have time to cook I made pancakes and french toast for breakfast this week. I ate it with Celine and Melinda's homemade cinnamon plum jam. It was DELICIOUS!!! (Thanks you guys! I would want more of these!!)

I didn't expect the french toast to be this heavy, it lasted me whole day! I actually didn't want to eat dinner because I was still full!!

jam jam~


french toast~

September 1, 2010

banana republic

I kind of like the banana republic's fall season window display~ It maybe a little busy but it shows variety of outfit you can choose from.

They have lot of nice fall's new release.

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