January 27, 2008


This weekend I went back to Markham. On Friday, met up with Jen and Eddie at Chako. It's a new Korean BBQ on Hwy.7 and East Beavers Creek. I haven't been there in ages so I was surprised they had this ginormous Destiny there. 2 floors everyone! 2 floors!!! I heard it's not that good but I'll go at least once.
So anyways I went to Chako, and there food were good! The beef, rib, shrimp, salmon, were the best ones. It tastes clean and it had lots of flavor. But it's chinese place so go there now before it drops the quality~
Saturday I dropped by Jen's to chill a little bit. Well mainly was taking her clothes that she no longer wears. I got few nice one =)
After that I went to Pacific mall to buy paints at Curry's. This year I'm going try paint more often on board. When I got home I was working a little bit of wedding dress and finished Paul's itouch case. I forgot to take picture.... -_-

January 13, 2008

Wacom - Bamboo

On Friday I went to Eldon's to chill and he had the new Wacom's Bamboo so I was checking that out~ I didn't do anything too crazy with it but so far it seems good. I did a quick sketch on Photoshop and see how that went: Eldon, you HAVE TO change your screen resolution. Look what it happened! 0_o
So anyways at least I did a drawing over the weekend =)

January 5, 2008

meet Piddlesworth

Finally I got this done!!!!

I think I started this almost a year ago. Then I kinda got sick of crochet so I left it until the christmas hoilday. Originally I was making this for Charles with occation but when I felt like doing this it was just before the holiday started. So I spent the first 5 days of my hoilday working on this non stop and while watching my brother play Zone of Enders ;)
And now here it is! I got this really cute result ~! I love it so much!

It comes with a little pocket with his initial in it =)

Here's my page with more photos of Piddlesworth =)

January 4, 2008

accused for stealing loonie from the tip box

So yesterday I went to the pizza place to buy a slice of pizza for lunch, I pay my pizza, the cashier gave me my change. I put the change in the tip box. I walk away and stared at the pizza sprinkler then this random white guy who was eating his pizza in store got up, asking me:
"Did you take the loonie from that box?"
"No, I didn't"
"There was a loonie in there, what are you going to do with that?"
"I just put a nickel in there"
Then the cashier comes in "Oh, I cleared the tip box before she came in"
"Oh.... that's.... embarassing... I'm sorry"
It was dead silent for a while.
"I heard people do that so you know..." talking to the cashier.
I was just sitting there waiting for my pizza to heat up. He apologized again when he went back to his seat, and then again when I left the place. All I said was it's alright everytime he apologized, there was just no point talking to this guy.
It was funny and shocking at the same time because I rarely get accused for anything, I wouldn't even know how or why they would accuse me. Yeah, I don't even know when's the last time I got accused...
In this situation it was more embarassing for me because I had to announce that I put a nickel in the empty tip box 0_o

January 3, 2008

my xmas hoilday

Man oh man 2 weeks really fly!! >_<>19th, I started making wedding dress with Celine. We started off using pattern fabric to make pattern of the dress. I have took work in progress shots but it's off record until her wedding =)

Jen invited me to Eddie and Cindy's xmas dinner on the 15th. Cindy has a really cute house!!! It's the kind of house that I like!
They served us few finger foods while waiting for the main dinner. The dinner was good, I liked the chicken stuffing the most~ yummy!!
After that we had secret santa, it took a while to start because people were deciding which rule to do. I personally like the rule where you DON'T open the gift and steal the gift more so than open the gift and steal. I see the evil side of the people when once they know the gift already ;)
Plus it's more fair when you don't know what's inside. Now Jen invited me to this party so I was basically her date so I didn't have anything prepared to this secret santa thingy, but at the end Jen got Tim Horton's china cup with $5 gift card~ That's good for her exam week =)
Thanks for the dinner Eddie and Cindy, I really enjoyed it!
I do prefer this kind of party where it's not roudy or wasted people on the ground. This is my kind of party =)

The 20th, Jen picked me up to eat dinner with small group of people. She called Eddie where we eating, he said viet resturant called lemontree at FMP. We went there trying to figure out how many seats we need, the biggest seat there was 6 so we got that table. She calls Di asking where she is and she's been waiting for everyone to show up. It turns out we went to the wrong resturant and I already had a sip of their drink. We pretty much ditched the table telling them we went to the wrong resturant. We go to the right resturant and see Di with Eldon with 10 empty seats. Since when did we have this many people??
So we ate there wondered around FMP and then went to a dessert place there. I think we had like 8 people in one tiny ass table. Matt came later but he had to sit another table then Benson and Pan joined with him. Yeah, that was pretty bad...
After that dessaster we all went home, Jen dropped by at my place and then we called it a night.

I drove Jen to the airport on the 22nd. She flew to Hong Kong with her family~ I dropped her off around 9:30am and then I get a call from Charles, I was wondering why he was up so early but it turns out that he was up 'till at that time... now he really screwed his schedule 0_o

The night of the 24th I went to Charles's place delivered his gift. I'm not a xmas person so I let him open my gift before it hitted 12. I worked on this since last year, and then stopped for a while because I got lazy in the middle of it. BUT soon as the holiday started I've been working on this non stop for 5 days and finally finished it!!! I think he likes it =)
I opened mine and I got the multi purpose pot that I wanted so badly for the lonest time!!! One pot can be used for stock/soup, the pot size strainer is for the pasta and a smaller strainer is for steaming. Sexy isn't it? =) And I got all other kind of gifts from people and I thank everyone~
After that I felt like watching Final fantacy: A Spirit Within, we watched that and this movie is still watchable~ Yeah the story isn't great still but graphic wise it's still good~=)

Merry Christmas everyone hope everyone had great xmas! I stayed over at Charles's and had turkey that his brother made~ Thank you Gerard~
After that we watched Blade Runner Final cut edition(which Charles got me as a gift). I think they added few new scene in this one. There are few scene's that I don't even know if it exsited and it FEELS like it's making a lot more sense with the over all movie~ I need second person's perspective on this.

The day of boxing day, Anna planned a whole day event so that we would boycot shopping but I went to the outlet department plaza at opening hour which was clever choice because there was no line up or people~ Plus I had to work on the dress so I couldn't make it to Anna's thing.

On the 27th, I went to downtown to Mokuba with Celine to decide on the ribbon to use on her dress. I think we spent about 2~3 hours there deciding. But it was wroth it, we got the ribbon we were looking for. After that I dropped by Yorkdale mall to use the gift card from HBC and Williams Sonoma gift card. So I went to the Bay first and got 2 metal bowls, measuring spoon, wrisk, and wooden spatula. That pretty much used up the HBC gift card. Then I go to Willians Sonoma, that place is so expensive... Well I knew it's expensive but I wouldn't want to buy $40 large wrisk for that price. Everything was too precious for me..... After spending there for a while I just couldn't buy anything.... -_-

Anne invited us to her new house on the 29th. But before that we went to Pan's dim sum for lunch. After that me and Matt went to Pier 1 Import to buy Anne's housewarming gifts. We found a really cute tea pot set and a silverware with aqua blue plastic handle~ I actually wanted all those ;)
So we showed up to Anne's place and it's a really cute house. I like the interior so much~!! Simple and Clean~ =) She served us food while we're watching hockey and spike tv's retarded cutted scene of Die Hard 3, then Paul dropped by to give us his homemade potato cake which was very good~
We went to the basement to chill rest of the night. Some of us played poker, and wii. Matt got the wii gun for xmas so we, well I tried out the zapper. Yeah.... it is piece of crap, luckly it was a gift. We played that, mario party, guitar hero and after most people left me, Matt Eldon, Jay watched Anne play Mario Galaxy~ The second player is fun, I like that position ;)

On new years eve, we went to Andrew's to have count down. I think he moved but he has a nice bongolo~ I love these kind of house where the inside is wide open and has no retarded divided walls. The concept of bongolo is cool with basement, you techinically have 2 basement~ and a panic room so what Andrew says.
Before I went to his place I made cinnamon cookies from that cookie mix that I got from the One of the Kind Show, and I also used my circle cookie cutter that I bought at Micheal's. After baking it, it kinda looks like dog treats doesn't it? At least those bite size do~ but it still tastes good =)

We watched basket-ball game and watched Die Hard 3. Yeah, Matt was disappointed with spike tv's cut scene so we watched the REAL Die Hard 3! I never watched it so the girls behind us who were freak'n noisy really annoyed me, yes Matt I saw your face too ;) I know the script isn't that importent in this movie but I still want to hear Bruce Willis and Samuel J Jackson talking like a jerk.
Anyways we stopped the movie for the count down, we watched the NY one. Someone mentioned it woulda been funny if Talent showed up on TV~ haha What was kinda cute was some guy proposed his girlfriend right after the count down. He had his knee on the ground and pulled the ring out, aw~ Some people said it was cheesy ;)
That was pretty much it, we finished the movie and chilled and left~ That day was snowy too, it was like good 5 cm?
Another shoveling day for me~

As I predicted, we had to shovel our driveway again -_- At least it's a good workout~
So for New Years Day, I took a nap during the day, waiting for my family friends to come over for dinner. We had lots of nice Japanese dinner~ =) These are the traditional food to eat on new years day.
Don't ask me what each food are because I don't even know -_- All I can say is they're ALL AMAZING!!!!
After the dinner I met up with Diana, Eddie, and Paul and went to bubble tea place to see Diana one last time. I go into the place looking for Diana then as soon as I was gonna sit where Diana was, Eddie says hi to me in different table. Both Di and Eddie were looking at each other wondering why they're sitting in different table~ Both of them didn't even realize one of them were there already =) That was funny.

Well that's it, that's was my hoilday~ Mainly I did wedding dress making so whatever the date that I didn't mention, that's what I was doing~

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