Wooden Gift Box

Found these cute wooden gift box from Crates & Barrel on sale for $2. Decided to stain them, similar look as wooden shelf we built in the kitchen.

wooden gift box: materials

wooden gift box: stain

wooden gift box: frame hooks

We didn't have too much stuff yet to put something on it so for now, we displayed Japanese food sample key chains that my mom bought from Japan as souvenir.

wooden gift box: display

wooden gift box: close up


Gift Wrap Decoration 2: Minion Bob

2nd attempt with decorating gift wrap. Did it for 9 year old's birthday girl.
 I tried Minion Bob this time!

Check out my 1st attempt.

minion bob gift wrap

minion bob gift wrap close up


Pasta Maker

Last time I made homemade pasta, it took me forever to knead the dough by hand. I enjoy homemade pasta that I would continue to make it so I bought pasta machine!

I didn't decide what to make so I freehand making Bow Tie Pasta. Not the prettiest looking pasta but it still tasted good.

Can't wait to try out different kinds!

pasta maker

bow tie


Baked Hash Brown

My chilling Sunday morning I made Baked Hash Brown. I like hash browns that's more like Hickory Sticks so I thought of flat discs and stack them to serve.

Easy to make, makes your breakfast look fun!

Baked Hash Brown

Baked Hash Brown:
- 6 medium potatoes, grated.
- 1 tsp ground pepper
- 1 tsp sea salt
- 1 tsp paprika (or taco seasoning)

- Chives, chopped
- Sour Cream

1. Set oven at 350F. In medium bowl, grate potatoes and fill cold water and let it sit for 5-10min.

2. Rince then pour out water. Pat dry potatoes with cloth or paper towel.
* Drying makes potatoes crispier when baking.

3. Mix all seasoning with potatoes.

4. Lay baking sheet on cookie tray.

5. About half hand full , form into flat disc (about 3cm).
*Make the middle part thinner than the rim to bake evenly.

6. Bake 15min. Then flip and bake for another 10min or until crispy.

Baked Hash Brown

Baked Hash Brown

Baked Hash Brown

Baked Hash Brown


Polka Dot Flower

A little illustration I worked on for fun.

I looked back to my old work and there was a style I liked but I didn't get a chance to experiment as much. Let's see where this goes.

polka dot flower



First camping of the season. Spent my long weekend chilling at Balsam Lake.

Enjoyed my time, waking up early in the morning to fish, see deers walking by, and little snail crawling across the road. I see more wild animals being less afraid of people so I was able to catch closer shot of a chipmunk that didn't scare.
The cute thing I saw was a chipmunk grabbed Ringolo that I dropped and tried putting it in its mouth but it was too salty(that's my guess because it was super salty for me) that he just tossed it and ran away.

Weather was great, food was great, it was good weekend.

@ Balsam Lake

@ Balsam Lake

@ Balsam Lake

@ Balsam Lake

@ Balsam Lake

@ Balsam Lake

@ Balsam Lake

@ Balsam Lake


Gift Wrap Decoration

An idea I've been doing with wrapping gifts for friends is decorate the gift wrap with sharpie markers. I love collecting plain brown/white papers that I can decorate something with it.

I started this idea with drawing polka dots and stripes as design element using different colors of sharpie markers. Then I thought about drawing characters on the gift wrap.

It's sad to say but this was perfect excuse for me to draw more often using natural medium. I can't even remember the last time using pencil to sketch.

So as a start off, I drew my favorite character from One Piece for 2 year old's birthday.

tony tony chopper gift wrap

tony tony chopper gift wrap