May 30, 2007

@ pen center

Today I made an unexpecting purchases at Pen center~ I go to RW & Co. and I see a nice dress that fits me perfectlly~ And here it is. Well now I don't have to worry about my next wedding I have attend soon~ 0_o
When was the last time buying nail polish???? I think it's been 5 years?? I remember the time I would decorate my nails almost every week, share my new ideas to people... I didn't know nail polish harden after while~ Most of my collections were harden..... at least the cheap kind is. I guess nail polish lasts longer when you purchase high class brand. I had Lancome for about 8 years and it's still doing fine. Let's hope these guys will used up before it becomes a waste...

May 28, 2007

meal 29

There's really no explaination to this ;)
It's been a while making this~ It definitly tastes good when you haven't had it for a while~

May 27, 2007


Yeah~ I finished my dress~!!! yeppie~!
Now I'm ready for Saturday's wedding. I didn't take picture of me wearing it because i'll might as well dress nicely with it on Saturday~ =)
My butt was bigger then I thought so the size of then dress fits JUST fine. BUT if I get anymore fatter then now, then I won't be able to wear this dress...... I must keep myself fit!
With the amount of fabric I used I'd say about $50 for this dress. Cheap eh? ;) But once I add in the cost of hours i spent on this, it would be more expensive~ haha
I dont have a purse for this dress, maybe I'll go make one quickly just before the wedding~

Here's the WIP photos

May 24, 2007

meal 28

This is my mom's style Japanese fried chicken (kara-ake). The outside isn't that crispy as the regular kara-age, but this is good as its own unique way~
It's one of those food where you know you're full but you just can't stop eating it!

May 23, 2007

meal 27

I like how this one turned out! It looks pretty!!! =) Only because of the onion ;) It tasted good too, you'll enjoy the each individual part of the food!
It's another simple meal so go click on the picture for the recipe~!!!

May 22, 2007

victoria long weekend

I had a very productive weekend~ I didn't waste any time and I feel good about it! A bit tired though -_- haha Went to Sherway Garden for the first time(about damn time). I wanted to look for bathing suit becuase I can't find my old one. So I was looking foward at sporting life, and I saw a simple nike's bathing suit but they didn't have my size....

I saw this display and I just had to take picture of them! They're SO NICE~!!!!!I love the middle one the BEST!! I also like the one one the left too~ Maybe one of these going to be my next dress design ;)
Guess how much these dresses are.......

Went to downtown to check out the Wool House that Celine told me about~ It was so nice~ TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!!! Luckly I knew what look I wanted so it didn't take me that long =) After that went to few stores to check out what's out. I went to this knitting store Lettuce Knit, such a cute name~ =D Some of them are actually organic. I touch it and it really makes a difference, it's sooooo soft. It really does feel "healthy" for you ;) When you got time, you should check it out!
Sunday + Monday
I started working on the dress that I designed. This is the concept for the dress. You'll see 3 dress design and I'm gonna do the one on the left. I don't know if I'm ever gonna do the other 2 but maybe eventually =)
Here's the half part of the top. If it wasn't for this, I woulda got the dress done in one day.... This I actually cut out a strip of fabric and randomly folded in semi-circle direction and ironed it.
This is what I got done so far~ The front is pretty much complete, the back I still need to finish off with the zipper and the backing. Almost there!!

May 16, 2007

meal 26

This one was pretty good =) I got the taste right. I even spent time on miso making dashi for it~
I made a lot so I can eat the left over for tomorrow's lunch~ yummy~

May 15, 2007

bookmarks @ chapters

Went to Chapters right after work~ Then I saw these! so cute~!! I wanted all of them but there's no point buying all of them. So I took picture of it to think that I owe them ;)
There too nice for bookmarks~ haha

May 13, 2007

meal 25

This one wasn't so hot.... It didn't turn out the way how I wanted -_-
But at least it still tasted good~
Just to let you know guys, this PC's cocktail shrimp-made in Thailand is no good~ it's too chewy

May 12, 2007

Dress shopping

Went to Canada One Factory Outlet to look for a dress for upcoming wedding that I have to attend in June. But sadly I wasn't able to find a good one....
So what I decided to do this make my own dress~ I do only need one day to make one so I'll make that a challenage. So my plan for next weekend is go back to Toronto and find a fabric I want in downtown and start making in the long weekend.
You just gatta love the Rocky Mountain Chocolate~!!! Your nose actually get numb when you stay in the store for too long, so sweet~ 0_o
I saw this and I just had to buy one! One of my favorite combination~ CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY~!!!! Charles had one and I took the other one =) SO YUMMY~!!!! Now I know that every I see this I have to buy one~

May 10, 2007

meal 24

Tried out new side dish~ Very easy to make =) click on the picture for instruction~!

meal 23

I rechallenged tempura batter but it was unsuccess.... =( man it's hard.
Here's Somen~ One of my favorite summer noodle, it matches so well with green onion, wasabi and seweed~ There's really no explaination with this, just to T&T or J-Town to buy the noodle and the dip~

May 8, 2007

Maku puppet

This is so cute, I found this on someone's site. I just had to make my own~ =)
Here's me and Charles~
Click on the character to make your own~
Yeah it's in Japanese so I'll tell you that to make your own character.

-In the main page, click on the 3rd menu button(that's in green) That'll take you to the place where you make your character. After you're done creating it, right below your character there's a script that you have to copy and paste it to the script that shows below this blog.

-To apply your character in your homepage, when you're done creating one, go back to the main page(bottom left corner's text link) and then click on the 4th button menu(magenta) then you'll see the scripting~


May 6, 2007

Clothing show + Ethiopian House

Went to clothing show with Celine today~ It was my first time going to this so I was excited. It was an interesting place to go. It's not just one specific kind of clothes but they have vintage clothes from the 50's, clothes you see from queen street(which you can get a lot cheaper here) and sample designers clothes~ I didn't bring that much cash so I was only able to buy 4 things. It was still good, it was a good deal so I won't complain~ ;) Esepcially the belt was only $5 =)
I'll definitly come here first to shop clothes before buying them from the mall. I'll be there again in the fall!
After the show I went to Anne's to Jay's birthday dinner at Ethiopian resturant~ I never had their food so it was surprizing. It really was spicy and sour and they really don't use any forks and knife 0_o It was quite filling too, you really can't eat too much bread with it. The sauces were amazing~ =)
Thanks for the interesting experience Anne and Jay~ Happy birthday~

meal 22

I kinda screwed some part of the food for this one..... I didn't realize until I arranged the food on the plate -_- Well you can't see it from this picture so it's all good ;)

May 2, 2007

current addiction

My current addiction~ I've been taking this V-Go for a while and it's so damn good!!!
To be honest I HATED tomato juice, I hated it so much that I asked myself why did people even make tomato into a drink??? That's always my impression throughout my childhood~ Then look at me now~ Though I'm still not a big fan of eating tomato raw -_-
You should try the So Soya+. I found it at organic section at super store. I personally LOVE to eat roasted soy bean itself so I had to try out the one with sea salted~ It's just amazing~!!!

May 1, 2007

meal 21

I had to use the new plate I got from Ikea =)
It brings the color of the food more~ It's a last min made up reciepe~ But it's still good!
The reciepe is at flickr! so click on the image!
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