February 20, 2007

meal 08

I was actually tired today, so I made a simple meal~ We all know how to make pasta, but I wanna show you this cheese loaf that looks familiar to somewhere~ any guess? ;)
It's the sun-dried tomato cheese loaf from swiss chalet~ The only thing I think I'm missing is some kind of olive oil like, because mine is kind of dry~ swiss chalet has more moister. But mine tastes clean =)
It's very easy to make.
-Buy any long narrow bread, chop green onion, and tomato and sundried tomato.
-Slice the bread 1 cm thick but don't cut it all the way, just stop at when you reach to the bottom.
-Stuff in grated cheese in the between the half sliced bread, then put all the topping, and put more cheese~
-just heat it up in the oven(about 250~300c or was it f?) until the cheese are completly melted~


  1. hey yuk! food looks pretty good
    i like ur blue-greyish dishes.

    link to my blog!

    but i dunno...maybe i should use this blogger thing.

  2. thank you =)
    it's from ikea~ i broke one of the plate =( i need to buy it again -_-

  3. Anonymous12:51 PM

    yup, it's missing the olive oil. but i donno if they put it ON the bread, or if they drizzle it on the plate..cause the bread isn't soggy and there's alot of oil running around their plates..ty for the recipe, i couldn't remember how they cut the bread, etc. lol. i know wot i'm having for supper, now where'd i put those green onions???


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