February 15, 2007

meal 06

I forgot to mention(how dare me) I got Tetris DS from Charles yesterday as Valentine gift~ =) Thank you sir, I love you very much~ vv
Just last night we were hogging the ds and see who can get the best record. It's a very low level fight between us for a very low score, if Yoshi sees this he'll be shocked how low the scoring is~ haha =)

You already know both left and right dishes, I made that earlier~ The main focus is the center one. It's a fried rice ball~ This one is from a reciepe in asian cook book~ It seemed easy so I tried~ But it took very long time -_- haha But it's good! It's basically rice mixed with minced garlic, ginger with soy sauce and fried with peanuts crumb. Very yummy~~

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