October 30, 2007

meal 38

October 28, 2007

meal 37

October 23, 2007

ecojot.com + diary

Just last Sunday when I went to apple picking with people, Celine mentions that she bought 5 year diary. I was thinking, I should write diary again. Is diary and blog a samething ??
Anyways I did used to write diary before blogging. But last time I wrote diary was almost 5 years ago. I stopped after high school and I don't know why.....
So because she mentioned it I went back to my old diaries that I jot down since Gr.7, yeah I have lot of journals. Well I definitly didn't want to read Gr.7~8 most reason is because I didn't actually know "how write proper sentences" that time so it's more embarassing then memorable.
I started reading from Gr.12 and I have realized how importent it is to keep journals. You do remember lot of things but you can't remember every detail of it most of the time. And you go back to it remembering what you did exactly on that date makes you think, you have done A LOT of things. You can say 10 years later you did lot of things but can you remember every detail of it? or even asking yourself, what the hell did I do this past 10 years? feels like I did nothing.
I'm saything that especially because after turning 20 you'll still the same person, but getting older and wiser. And we all know being adult isn't cool as we all thought when we were kids ;)
Lot of things did happen this past 5 years but I would want to know the detail of it. Especially writing down something to remind you for the future.
Anyways I bought a notebook from Chapters, I got the bottom left medium size notebook to keep my personal life jotted~
And believe me, after 10 years you'll discover something unexpecting~

Beautiful Katamari

Here it is!!!! The moment I've been waiting for!!!!!! Finally got it and I'm very very happy~!! =)
Just last night I played 4 stages. It's definitly "beautiful".
Yeah, just what the preview says, it's just another katamari~ BUT new music ;) So far it's good!
The concern I have is how uncomfortable with the controllor. It feels like going back to the first katamari control. I can't pull the spin move well as the second one. It's like they didn't get the flow right well for 360 controllor. If they ever made the second one for 360 then I think that's when they fix the controll just right.
But for now I'm gonna enjoy the music and MORE object to collect.

October 9, 2007

Thanksgiving holiday

Happy thanksgiving!!! How was everyone elses??
I had my first time challenging making my own roasted turkey!! Well actually Paul, Matt and I. ;)

Turkey takes up A LOT of time...... It really does take the whole day to make one. Especially if you're making your own homemade stuffing, that sure does eats up my day~ BUT it was worth it!! I loved my stuffing, I wished I made more of those.... the combination of the stuffing was just amazing!! Turkey was good too. If wasn't for the thermometer we woulda made the turkey so nice and moist..... Matt, your mom's gonna get a new thermometer for her birthday.
It wasn't my department but we also made scallope potato that wasn't fully cooked and very hard breaded bruchetta~ tasty ;)
After that we had Mike and Janet's apple pie and it was really good! Slightly buttery for me though~ But it matched well with the ice cream.

So what do you think guys, again next year?

sept 27

So it's a little late to mention my birthday party.... I had an idea of having people decorate my homemade crepe. Everyone seemed to enjoyed it =) Now I have lots of extra ice cream...
Here are the gifts I got from people~ From the top to bottom, Recently Mike started attending to baking class so he shared his baking goods to me~ Bran muffin~ yummy! And a little plush toy from UFO catch =)
Kev got me illustration books of Jon Fosters work and random asian artists book, that must of been expensive 0_o and I love it~! Thanks Kev.
Anne and Jay got me my favorite chocolate, TRUFFLES~!!!! I'm actually taking my time with it ;)
These collections of socks are from my mom when she went to Japan. My favorite kind, high knee socks~ Plus I got One Piece Illustration 3 which I was waiting for the longest time!!! It's about this time when his work gets interesting.
Charles got me one of my favorite game, Legend of Zelda and I just finished it this weekend~ I spent 2~3 hours everday and on friday night I continued playing at 11pm and cleared it at 5am. I knew I was tired but I had to kept going because I knew I was near the end!! It's better for me to finished it at once so I don't go lazy with cleaning and cooking~ That's why I was away for a while with my blog.... ;)
Also he got me a kitchen knife that is apparently made with inspiration of samurai sword. I have tried the knife before and it is a good knife. It slices very smoothly!
And from his parents, I got a new non-stick frying pan. I really needed a new one...
Before I had my party I went to the Clothing show and bought 3 shirts. Man I love these brand, nice and cheap for what I get. One of them is Orb, and the other is Gental farms<--- i think that was the name. Anyways I go to the show and I go stright to this booth as soon as I get there~
Now they have one on December~ Winter show is a new thing. I'm definitly going there~
Last one and not least, Jen and Matt gave me really nice gift~ A sweater and a leggie from Guess~ I love the color and the extra wide turtle neck!! It suited me well~ ;) I wore it on the first day of the weekday to work and it was sooooooo comfortable!!!!! And I tried the leggie and that fit me well too~! Thanks you so much Jen and Matt!!
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