January 11, 2015

Funko POP collections

These are collections of Funko's POP vinyl toys of our favorite characters.
It was time for us to display them nicely somewhere so we decided to have them in the master bedroom where we can see them everyday.

Funko POP

I'm keeping a record of materials we used to build this shelves for future reference when we decide to add more. Steps are pretty straight forward, we did spend time sanding off the edges for smoother result and didn't stain the wood. Everything is bought at Home Depot.

- 1 pack of 8x1 drywall screws with plastic wall plugs.
- 8 pieces of 8''x36'' pine wood shelves(cut into half from 4 pieces of 8''x36'').
- 16 pieces of 5x6 brackets.

It's so nice to see colorful toys displayed nicely when you wake up in the morning!



Funko Minion


close up


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