November 29, 2009

colorful scarf

While back I knitted this scarf that took lot of patient and time.
I finally got it done~ I used Patons Silk Bamboo yarn for this and it is soft and most cozy scarf I ever owned =)

more photos

stripe scarf
colorful scarf
colorful scarf

November 23, 2009

i have just met you, and i love you

Who bought your own Pixar's "Up"?
I love Dug so much, I had to do a quick sketch of him =)

It was my 3rd time watching this movie when I was CG'n this, I still get tears in my eyes ;;

November 8, 2009

german style baked pancake

My group of friends gave me a pancake mix of German style baked pancake from William Sonoma on my birthday while ago. I finally got the chance to make one on Sunday morning~
If this is how the Germans make their pancake I really enjoy how they make it and how it tastes!!

While it bakes the pastry inflates like a balloon~ Once you pull it out, it deflates so you have to eat it asap.
It almost tastes like the real french cream puff pastry. And it's not heavy as the American pancakes.
I really enjoyed it, Thanks you guys!

dutch baby german style baked pancake


November 4, 2009

nov. 15th 2009

It took me very long time to do this but finally I'm able to organize my own online shop~ =) It'll be open on Sunday, November 15th 2009!
For now, I'll start with selling my prints!

For more information click here

nov. 15th 2009
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