February 3, 2007

shop shop shop~

Good day today~ Charles and I went to Canada Factory Outlet and checked out Garage Clothing, and man this place is the second cheapest clothing store with decent quality. These 4 clothings are $50 all together. Sexy isn't it? =)

I actually waited for the skirt to be cheaper and it was worth it. $25 became $10!! nice~!! Same goes it the pants, $35 dropped down to $10 also!

Yeah, they're all grey but I dont have that much grey so I thought I'll buy few for now~ =)

After that we went to a mall that's close to our apartment and exchanged Charles new winter jacket that he bought yesterday. Then we went to bubble tea, Quizos and went home and watched a
Mind Game.

This is my kind of movie that I would recommend~ If you have the chance, WATCH IT!!!!!! It's an awesome movie~!

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