December 22, 2009

idea 2 life style

On I have one of my favorite store there I enjoy looking and buying. idea2lifestyle has nice design for comfortable wear. I bought 2 tops from them and they're both comfortable~


December 15, 2009


One of my favorite semi-dessert from Japan~
It's sticky rice but MORE stickier and mushed to the point they're no more pieces of rice.

It can be eaten as dessert or appetizer. For appetizer you can put it in zousui(congee type), miso soup or many other. I made it as dessert where you grill the mochi, cut into bite size, dump into soya sauce mixed with sugar and wrap with dry seaweed.

Very delicious~

mochi mochi

December 13, 2009

Don Mills Center

For the first time I went to Don Mills Center~ The place was so beautiful!!

Anthropology is one of my favorite store~ They has pretty nice lime green purse. I'm thinking of making a top dress of that purse design or maybe on the back hip~

The other two collared shirts are ideas I can make someday =)


December 8, 2009

the annex area

Walking around at Annex area was my first time. Everyone already know what's there so I'm going to jump into my topic.

I didn't pay attention to the name of the store because I got carried away with taking photos of the window display. It's somewhere on Bloor and West of Spadina.
But I love these outfit~ I am a monochrome dresser so varieties of different values of black and white catches my attention.

I have a similar stripe cardigan so I think I'll make a red scarf like that =)

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