July 26, 2015

Dill And Smoked Bacon Fettuccine with Mixed Tomatoes

I had pasta dish at The Daughter from their lunch specials. It was delicious that it inspired me to make my own. I went back to my pasta maker and made fettuccine for the first time. It won't be amazing as The Daughters but it's nice to know you can make something similar that you can enjoy making it at home.

Dill And Smoked Bacon Fettuccine with Mixed Tomatoes
Dill and Smoked Bacon Fettuccine with Mixed Tomatoes
- 2 servings fresh Fettuccine pasta
- box of mixed tomatoes
- 3/4 cup dill, chopped
- 1 cup smoked bacon, diced
- 1/2'' of stick of butter
- olive oil for drizzle

1.  Prepare boiled water to cook pasta. (for regular pasta, cook now, drain and set aside.)

2. With a large/medium skillet, grill bacon until inside is hot and set the pan to medium high then throw in butter.

3.  Once butter is melted throw in mixed tomatoes and stir occasionally until the skin starts cracking.

4. Mean while cook the fresh pasta(about 2-4 min), drain and set aside.

5. Throw in dill and olive oil into the skillet, stir quickly and then put pasta in.

6. Lightly stir everything together and then transfer into 2 plates.

 Dill And Smoked Bacon Fettuccine with Mixed Tomatoes

July 19, 2015

My Saturday Morning

Heard raccoons making hissing noise through out the night. The one really woke me up was 6am when I noticed the noise was happening in the second floor balcony. I saw a raccoon running across the balcony to the edge and slapping away another raccoon that wants to get on a balcony.

I hurried myself to go grab my camera but obviously the fight was over by the time I got there. Since I was wide awake after all that, I was doing personal work, and checking back(with my camera) on what those raccoons were up to. It was pretty amusing morning.

So afterwards, a fat raccoon makes his own territory, moving around the patio furniture on a balcony:

raccoon makes his own shade on a balcony

..and takes a nap:

...and takes a nap

Doesn't share the space with other raccoons so they have to sleep under the balcony:

...and doesn't share with other raccoons

and he gets to sleep like a king:

...and sleeps like people

July 5, 2015

Wooden Gift Box

Found these cute wooden gift box from Crates & Barrel on sale for $2. Decided to stain them, similar look as wooden shelf we built in the kitchen.

wooden gift box: materials

wooden gift box: stain

wooden gift box: frame hooks

We didn't have too much stuff yet to put something on it so for now, we displayed Japanese food sample key chains that my mom bought from Japan as souvenir.

wooden gift box: display

wooden gift box: close up
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