October 31, 2011

trick or treat!

Happy halloween everyone! I didn't realize this week was Halloween... I go to Micheal's to buy yarn and I see them carry Christmas stuff and thinking, what happened to Halloween?

What are you dressed as today?

happy halloween!

October 23, 2011

glare 2

How was your weekend? I had relaxing weekend crocheting and did some sketches.

I got lot of good reviews from people on my "Glare" so I did a another version! It's not sketchy as the first one but it still got the feeling. Hope you like it!

glare 2

October 17, 2011

diy wedding

I love DIY weddings. There's no end to creative possibilities.

My friend had lot of DIY assets for her wedding. A wedding that couple agreed on to have limited budge and spend more time on making their own decor. I've done DIY weddings for people, you do save TONS of money! The bride has her journey of wedding plan posted that might help your wedding ideas.
The centerpiece was adorable. I love tissue pom-pom flowers, miss making those....
I took few of them home and it's on my dining table right now. But the branches are pretty tall so it's distracting my TV view when I have dinner.

Sorry, color schemes for these photos are kind of everywhere, I'm experimenting Lightroom to see what I can do. And I'm having lot of trouble taking indoor photos without natural light. How do people do it?

little pom-pom flowers

pom-pom with sake bottle



button+feather bouquet


cake top

first dance



table setting

October 11, 2011

other ottawa photos

My last post on Ottawa trip. They're photos of food I had there and things I saw.
I never had Beaver Tails before so it was delicious experience. I was wondering if you can make your own, I can try that someday.

An idea I saw outside the beads store(bottom photo). I would like to paint my chairs and table like that!




collections of beads

October 2, 2011

War Museum

So the same day we went to Caravaggio's Painting at National Museum of Canada, and Aviation Museum, we also went to see the Canadian War Museum!

My guidebook says the War Museum closes at 8pm so we thought we can make it to all the Museum in one day. So we walked to the War Museum with beautiful weather taking about 30~45min to get there. As we arrived, we found out that the Museum closes at 6pm. We only had 45 min until the place closes.
So we completely scanned through the entire place in 45min. Mainly Sir Charles wanted to see tanks so we spent more time there. I honestly had no idea what tank I was looking at because they all looked quite similar.... I was looking forward to actually go inside the tank but they didn't have that kind of service.

You really need more time to look around. It has entire information about WWI and WWII that you want to take time to know everything.

We're planning to go back again someday.



Collection of Tanks

Ford Food Truck

War museum Hallway
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