December 25, 2006


Merry Christmas everyone! I wanted to make xmas card or something but I really didn't get the chance to do that..... maybe a new year card?
Anyways I don't think I ever got this much gifts from people before.... I thank everyone for the wonderful gifts you guys gave me! I don't do xmas that much but I'll put more into the gift next year =)
The best gift was the digi cam. thanks to my man. I can now finally take pictures of my apartment and all my collection that I wanted to share~
Man, now I really have to start carrying big purse to carry my camera, boo~~~~

Merry Christmas you all!!

December 10, 2006

cg 06

New cg~ inspired by the song from the 1st ending song of Nana. Olivia the singer didn't have that much good songs but this one is one of her desent one ;)

x'mas dinner

Went to company's xmas dinner.
The and stuff were pretty good, my favorite was the ice creme crepe =) yummy!! I think I'll make that when I have time!
The place where we had was a place called Club Roma, it's a place to have wedding and those kind of event so the place was really really nice!!
It was kinda bad manner we left early but it's hard to stay there for so long....
but either way I still had fun~ =)

December 2, 2006

happy birthday to safety~

He's gone now but I still want to wish him happy birthday~
I didn't see his birth but I remember the first time I saw him when he was 2 weeks old. Well he was with his brother and sister so I wasn't sure which one was him. But one of them was him. ;)
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