January 31, 2007

slam dunk scholarship

Only the Japanese people would able to read this but I thought it's so cool that I would share this to everyone. I dont know who exactly origanized it or who's money it is, but Inoue and the publisher and the Japan basket-ball orginization origanized a scholarship for student Gr. 10~11 to go to the states and learn more basket-ball. I thought that's pretty damn cool opportunity for high school student to experience the basket-ball in the states.

January 30, 2007

meal 01

I forgot what I wanted to do when I get my own camera. Introduce my meal that I made for the day. Well I'm not going to post everyday, but at least a meal that's visually nice to see. Last time I made a nice Italian food but I didn't have the camera yet so I couldn't take picture.... So Here's the first introduction, salmon teriyaki and egg, mushroom and bok-choy stir-fry with oyster sauce~ =)

January 28, 2007

my weekend

I've finally watched Batman Begins with HD DVD~ Pretty sexy~ =) I didn't actually watched all the other Batmen movies, I just remember it was gay to watch -_- But this one, it felt more realistic. Just like James Bond Casino Royal, it's not cheasy. The costume designs were nice. I personally didn't like batmobile that much. It was appealing that it was funtional. Well it won't make sense to use the original batmobile at this mondern world. So it's okay ;)

I tried playing this game, IT IS AWESOME~!!!!!!!!! I've been always a warioware fan so when I tried this game, you get to actually experiment what you would do in the previous game. You know before how we only get to expriment by using the d-pad and the AB buttons to do the tilting, slicing things so your just controlling the games. But this game, the game controls you. Pretty amazing =)

January 21, 2007


NEW LAYOUT~ I'm so happy I got this done on time! Well there was no due date but I wanted to change my layout so i would want to update more often. This one is actually cute, I HOPE I'll like this layout for long time~
It's very simple but this me trying out css. I never knew about this until recently so I tried it out. It is pretty powerful tool, I got so mad in the beginning because I had no clue what was going on...... But because of this, I was able to edit this blog template the way how I want it~ Big help from Charles who showed me this. Thank you sir~!
I also created another blog section to post up sketches. So all my new work is gonna be there, well at least a rough work is.

January 16, 2007

cg 07

Quick cg'n~ I spent about 20 min of it? Now that I look at this, she has cross eyes 0_o

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow~

Horay~ It finally snowed~ But it's little cold, too cold I say. I wish it would be more flakey snow.... But the frozen trees are beautiful isn't it? Especially when the sun light hits it? Feels like christmas is here now, haha. These frozen trees are crazy though, lot of branches broke apart. The park near my apartment has branches everywhere on the ground. I heard that one of my worker's car got smashed by a fallen tree.... and someone got hit by one. Be careful everyone~

January 14, 2007


I shell introduce the gifts I got from people. Guess what the Famicon controller do? It's a TV remote control. Up/Down be the volume, left/right is a channel change, start is on/off, select is tv/dvd switch and A/B is programmable button. Isn't that cool~?? =) The toy on the left its named "unazukinn", if you ask a question it'll give you an answer for you. The head will actually shakes.

My new saly and pepper container for my dinning table. I think some people may seen this? it's from MINT nyc. It got other pretty cute stuff~

More stuff~ I got lots of coasters now~ =) The cutest one is the one that can connect one another and it can turn into a pot mattress. Now that's cute =)

Last one and not least, this is the camera I got from my sir~ =) It's a really nice camera. I didn't care too much of the new technology but I just wanted a compact size, and shock resistent. And now here it is a perfect camera that's for me~ Thank you sir~

Finally I can take pictures I want and share them to all~ I will definitly show my new apartment~

January 11, 2007

2nd day recovery

Currently I'm on my second day of recovery. And I'm GLAD that this time isn't bad as my last surgery! I threw up 3 time cuz my body was too tired to digust and not able to get out of my bed after 4th day. But this time I was able to eat and get up on the first day which I'm glad. Well the fact that I'm on my blog, typing about my day today, it's a sign that I'm okay =) Damn it, I shoulda brought my camera and post some pictures up -_-

So right now I don't have much stuff to do, other then reading comics, I'm making a template for my purse design. I got so many ideas not just purse but clothes designs and all sort of stuff. I just dont have enough time >_<

January 9, 2007


What do I have tommorrow? My second dental surgery -_-
Another suffering moment.... Well I hear this one isn't so bad as my last one. I hope.... Well at least I have another 3 days off of work, so I can sleep in for 4 days~ wo hoo~
Wish me luck~
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