February 18, 2007

craft 01

It was a relaxing weekend, this weekend. I feel more productive and relaxed when I stay here in St. Catharines. Went to Chapters today to look at some books~ I'm too cheap to buy books so I go there look at the books and take many ideas much as I can ;)
After showing my meal, I want to share my crafts too!

This sketch was drawn while ago, when I got my camera so I guess about xmas? I wanted to make my own camera case design so here are the few designs.

Yes, it is easy to make. I don't really have excuse why it's taking so long to make one...... Just yesterday I finally cut out the fabric for the case.... -_- I think it's time for me to actually buy my own sewing machine, instead of using my mom's.Since I'm going back to Markham this coming weekend, hopefully I'll get this done~ My camera's been sitting there with the plastic bag that came with the box.

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