July 19, 2015

My Saturday Morning

Heard raccoons making hissing noise through out the night. The one really woke me up was 6am when I noticed the noise was happening in the second floor balcony. I saw a raccoon running across the balcony to the edge and slapping away another raccoon that wants to get on a balcony.

I hurried myself to go grab my camera but obviously the fight was over by the time I got there. Since I was wide awake after all that, I was doing personal work, and checking back(with my camera) on what those raccoons were up to. It was pretty amusing morning.

So afterwards, a fat raccoon makes his own territory, moving around the patio furniture on a balcony:

raccoon makes his own shade on a balcony

..and takes a nap:

...and takes a nap

Doesn't share the space with other raccoons so they have to sleep under the balcony:

...and doesn't share with other raccoons

and he gets to sleep like a king:

...and sleeps like people

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