October 2, 2011

War Museum

So the same day we went to Caravaggio's Painting at National Museum of Canada, and Aviation Museum, we also went to see the Canadian War Museum!

My guidebook says the War Museum closes at 8pm so we thought we can make it to all the Museum in one day. So we walked to the War Museum with beautiful weather taking about 30~45min to get there. As we arrived, we found out that the Museum closes at 6pm. We only had 45 min until the place closes.
So we completely scanned through the entire place in 45min. Mainly Sir Charles wanted to see tanks so we spent more time there. I honestly had no idea what tank I was looking at because they all looked quite similar.... I was looking forward to actually go inside the tank but they didn't have that kind of service.

You really need more time to look around. It has entire information about WWI and WWII that you want to take time to know everything.

We're planning to go back again someday.



Collection of Tanks

Ford Food Truck

War museum Hallway

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