May 22, 2007

victoria long weekend

I had a very productive weekend~ I didn't waste any time and I feel good about it! A bit tired though -_- haha Went to Sherway Garden for the first time(about damn time). I wanted to look for bathing suit becuase I can't find my old one. So I was looking foward at sporting life, and I saw a simple nike's bathing suit but they didn't have my size....

I saw this display and I just had to take picture of them! They're SO NICE~!!!!!I love the middle one the BEST!! I also like the one one the left too~ Maybe one of these going to be my next dress design ;)
Guess how much these dresses are.......

Went to downtown to check out the Wool House that Celine told me about~ It was so nice~ TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!!! Luckly I knew what look I wanted so it didn't take me that long =) After that went to few stores to check out what's out. I went to this knitting store Lettuce Knit, such a cute name~ =D Some of them are actually organic. I touch it and it really makes a difference, it's sooooo soft. It really does feel "healthy" for you ;) When you got time, you should check it out!
Sunday + Monday
I started working on the dress that I designed. This is the concept for the dress. You'll see 3 dress design and I'm gonna do the one on the left. I don't know if I'm ever gonna do the other 2 but maybe eventually =)
Here's the half part of the top. If it wasn't for this, I woulda got the dress done in one day.... This I actually cut out a strip of fabric and randomly folded in semi-circle direction and ironed it.
This is what I got done so far~ The front is pretty much complete, the back I still need to finish off with the zipper and the backing. Almost there!!


  1. wow, that dress looks pretty cool yuk!

  2. thank you thank you~

    i'll let u know when it's done =)
    hopefully this weekend!


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