May 12, 2007

Dress shopping

Went to Canada One Factory Outlet to look for a dress for upcoming wedding that I have to attend in June. But sadly I wasn't able to find a good one....
So what I decided to do this make my own dress~ I do only need one day to make one so I'll make that a challenage. So my plan for next weekend is go back to Toronto and find a fabric I want in downtown and start making in the long weekend.
You just gatta love the Rocky Mountain Chocolate~!!! Your nose actually get numb when you stay in the store for too long, so sweet~ 0_o
I saw this and I just had to buy one! One of my favorite combination~ CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY~!!!! Charles had one and I took the other one =) SO YUMMY~!!!! Now I know that every I see this I have to buy one~

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