May 6, 2007

Clothing show + Ethiopian House

Went to clothing show with Celine today~ It was my first time going to this so I was excited. It was an interesting place to go. It's not just one specific kind of clothes but they have vintage clothes from the 50's, clothes you see from queen street(which you can get a lot cheaper here) and sample designers clothes~ I didn't bring that much cash so I was only able to buy 4 things. It was still good, it was a good deal so I won't complain~ ;) Esepcially the belt was only $5 =)
I'll definitly come here first to shop clothes before buying them from the mall. I'll be there again in the fall!
After the show I went to Anne's to Jay's birthday dinner at Ethiopian resturant~ I never had their food so it was surprizing. It really was spicy and sour and they really don't use any forks and knife 0_o It was quite filling too, you really can't eat too much bread with it. The sauces were amazing~ =)
Thanks for the interesting experience Anne and Jay~ Happy birthday~

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