May 27, 2007


Yeah~ I finished my dress~!!! yeppie~!
Now I'm ready for Saturday's wedding. I didn't take picture of me wearing it because i'll might as well dress nicely with it on Saturday~ =)
My butt was bigger then I thought so the size of then dress fits JUST fine. BUT if I get anymore fatter then now, then I won't be able to wear this dress...... I must keep myself fit!
With the amount of fabric I used I'd say about $50 for this dress. Cheap eh? ;) But once I add in the cost of hours i spent on this, it would be more expensive~ haha
I dont have a purse for this dress, maybe I'll go make one quickly just before the wedding~

Here's the WIP photos


  1. the dress looks really good yuk! but would be easier judge if you were in it. =p

  2. haha i will i will~
    this saturday~ =)


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