October 23, 2007

ecojot.com + diary

Just last Sunday when I went to apple picking with people, Celine mentions that she bought 5 year diary. I was thinking, I should write diary again. Is diary and blog a samething ??
Anyways I did used to write diary before blogging. But last time I wrote diary was almost 5 years ago. I stopped after high school and I don't know why.....
So because she mentioned it I went back to my old diaries that I jot down since Gr.7, yeah I have lot of journals. Well I definitly didn't want to read Gr.7~8 most reason is because I didn't actually know "how write proper sentences" that time so it's more embarassing then memorable.
I started reading from Gr.12 and I have realized how importent it is to keep journals. You do remember lot of things but you can't remember every detail of it most of the time. And you go back to it remembering what you did exactly on that date makes you think, you have done A LOT of things. You can say 10 years later you did lot of things but can you remember every detail of it? or even asking yourself, what the hell did I do this past 10 years? feels like I did nothing.
I'm saything that especially because after turning 20 you'll still the same person, but getting older and wiser. And we all know being adult isn't cool as we all thought when we were kids ;)
Lot of things did happen this past 5 years but I would want to know the detail of it. Especially writing down something to remind you for the future.
Anyways I bought a notebook from Chapters, I got the bottom left medium size notebook to keep my personal life jotted~
And believe me, after 10 years you'll discover something unexpecting~

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