October 9, 2007

Thanksgiving holiday

Happy thanksgiving!!! How was everyone elses??
I had my first time challenging making my own roasted turkey!! Well actually Paul, Matt and I. ;)

Turkey takes up A LOT of time...... It really does take the whole day to make one. Especially if you're making your own homemade stuffing, that sure does eats up my day~ BUT it was worth it!! I loved my stuffing, I wished I made more of those.... the combination of the stuffing was just amazing!! Turkey was good too. If wasn't for the thermometer we woulda made the turkey so nice and moist..... Matt, your mom's gonna get a new thermometer for her birthday.
It wasn't my department but we also made scallope potato that wasn't fully cooked and very hard breaded bruchetta~ tasty ;)
After that we had Mike and Janet's apple pie and it was really good! Slightly buttery for me though~ But it matched well with the ice cream.

So what do you think guys, again next year?

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