October 9, 2007

sept 27

So it's a little late to mention my birthday party.... I had an idea of having people decorate my homemade crepe. Everyone seemed to enjoyed it =) Now I have lots of extra ice cream...
Here are the gifts I got from people~ From the top to bottom, Recently Mike started attending to baking class so he shared his baking goods to me~ Bran muffin~ yummy! And a little plush toy from UFO catch =)
Kev got me illustration books of Jon Fosters work and random asian artists book, that must of been expensive 0_o and I love it~! Thanks Kev.
Anne and Jay got me my favorite chocolate, TRUFFLES~!!!! I'm actually taking my time with it ;)
These collections of socks are from my mom when she went to Japan. My favorite kind, high knee socks~ Plus I got One Piece Illustration 3 which I was waiting for the longest time!!! It's about this time when his work gets interesting.
Charles got me one of my favorite game, Legend of Zelda and I just finished it this weekend~ I spent 2~3 hours everday and on friday night I continued playing at 11pm and cleared it at 5am. I knew I was tired but I had to kept going because I knew I was near the end!! It's better for me to finished it at once so I don't go lazy with cleaning and cooking~ That's why I was away for a while with my blog.... ;)
Also he got me a kitchen knife that is apparently made with inspiration of samurai sword. I have tried the knife before and it is a good knife. It slices very smoothly!
And from his parents, I got a new non-stick frying pan. I really needed a new one...
Before I had my party I went to the Clothing show and bought 3 shirts. Man I love these brand, nice and cheap for what I get. One of them is Orb, and the other is Gental farms<--- i think that was the name. Anyways I go to the show and I go stright to this booth as soon as I get there~
Now they have one on December~ Winter show is a new thing. I'm definitly going there~
Last one and not least, Jen and Matt gave me really nice gift~ A sweater and a leggie from Guess~ I love the color and the extra wide turtle neck!! It suited me well~ ;) I wore it on the first day of the weekday to work and it was sooooooo comfortable!!!!! And I tried the leggie and that fit me well too~! Thanks you so much Jen and Matt!!

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