February 3, 2009

my desk

Celine tagged me to show my desk. I went home to clean my desk but I realized I have nothing on my desk so I actually had to add more stuff ;) Only thing I really added are my Loco Roco collections~ =)
Biggest reason why I keep my table empty as possible is the sun shines against the table side wall so I don't want to have any posters, bookshelf or anything that will washes color off.
My craft table is my sewing table. This is where I worked on Celine's dress. Right now I'm making lightweighted scarf that was inspired from abercrombie and fitch.

My electronic partner is the WACOM Intuos 1 that's been with me since Gr. 10. I'll never let you go~

Now I tag Eldon, Matt, and Jo to show their desks!


  1. I see you completely took all of your mom's sewing machines! Nice! did you finish that ski bag??
    I like your "charles"! did you make it?! It's so cute!!

  2. Yeah I did! Just last weekend I went to the ski trip using the ski bag! I forgot to take picture of it but I will soon!

    I crochet him, I'm thinking of making him as plush toy version. Charles has the girl version at his apartment =)

  3. pretty cool yuk! =p ... you're tagging me so i have to clean my desk? haha.

  4. your table is always clean eldon!!!


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