February 13, 2008

loco roco

Yeppie~!! I finally got it done!! I don't know how long it took to finish this... But it's here now =)

This is work in progress shot of making mouth for loco roco~ I basically used fabric paint in tube and drew bunch of mouth on parchment paper. Dry for overnight then peel the one that looks good with penknife or anything sharp.
Since I made whole bunch, on my break I was playing around with the mouth on loco roco's face. =) Anyways after playing around with them you put fabric glue on the flat side of the mouth and place it on them.
And here it is~

Here's the photo from my official site:


  1. Best thing EVAR! I'm so happy you gave me one and it will make people UBER jealous at work. = )

  2. i'm glad u like it =)


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