May 4, 2008

jerome jenner grand opening

Another busy busy weekend~ Friday after work I went back to Markham and chilled at Eldon's to check out GTA, Echochrome and GT5 prologue. GTA had quite improvement with the graphic, I was quite surprized. It's a very fun game though, the online games are really fun. It's funny to see the glitch what online can do ;) After that I went to Timmy's for cup of coffee with Jen. I had to go home early because I have a LONG day on Saturday~
I work up really early to meet up with Celine at downtown to look for decorations on her dress. That already took whole morning, we're getting close to her dress be done! So exciting~ We went to spring/summer Clothing Show~ Sadly they didn't have the sample section of Gental Farm again so I was disappointed by that.... But the good thing was I was able to buy knitting needles for $1 a set. So I bought 4 knitting set and a crochet hooks~ Great deal!! I also bought a skirt from a streetwear section~ A very nice one =)
For dinner Celine introduced me to a best homemade pizza ever made in toronto. I had Terroni's pizza! It was so light that I was able to eat the whole pizza. I would so want to have that again~
Then we drove to Jerome Jenner gallery's grand opening night at the Junction. It's a HUGE place!!!
It just keeps going!! One of the featured photographers Steve Carty's photography I liked a lot. He took the girls very hot ;)
So we stayed there for couple of hours, after that Jin drove us back to Don Mill station. We decided to have bubble tea beside the i cook buffet, it was 30 min wait so the waitress told us to give one of our cell number so she can call us when the table is open. While we wandered around T&T's cake at the bakery section looked delicious so we decided buy ourselves cakes and drinks. After finishing the cake and the drink, they bubble tea place never called us back.... those pig basterd.

I drive home on Sunday and go water my eggling and LOOK!! It grew!! I got 2 little heads poping out of the soil~ so cute!

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