February 19, 2008

family day long weekend

Our first family day hoilday, how was everyone's long weekend?
On Saturday Celine dropped by to plan what to do with her wedding. We discussed what we have to do for the 6 month before the wedding, we're getting the ideas of what to do with the invitation.
After that I went to Chako again for Matt's birthday dinner~ Seems like it still tastes the same ;)

While I was busy eating I noticed Eddie was talking to someone behind him so I wondered who he was talking to. It was Ray and Majid!! I haven't seen those guys since high school! Majid looks so small now~ He was like an elephant and I was a little mouse. I really did grow! ;)
Anyways that was the highlight of that dinner ;) then we went to Matt's place to watch the NBA All-star game of 3pt shooter and dunk compititon~ I think this is my second time watching this show, it was pretty fun to watch. While we were watching Matt's mom served us her apple pie~ It was pretty damn good~ =)

Sunday I actually did nothing. When to Madarins to have their new years special. After that I read Hanayori Dango whole volume in one night. I stayed up to 6~7am in the morning to finish it. That sure was tiring 0_o It was fun to read~ It was good enough to make the complete edition for it.

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  1. Hey yukiko! Awesome! I never knew you blogged, I'm definitely going to have to keep updated with you :)


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