January 5, 2008

meet Piddlesworth

Finally I got this done!!!!

I think I started this almost a year ago. Then I kinda got sick of crochet so I left it until the christmas hoilday. Originally I was making this for Charles with occation but when I felt like doing this it was just before the holiday started. So I spent the first 5 days of my hoilday working on this non stop and while watching my brother play Zone of Enders ;)
And now here it is! I got this really cute result ~! I love it so much!

It comes with a little pocket with his initial in it =)

Here's my page with more photos of Piddlesworth =)


  1. this panda is so cool. i want to see the small one when your done too.

    you should delete the first link to my neural_traffic blog, i have no idea how to get into that account. haha.

    oh yeah, remember to show me how to make this collage thing you were talking about.

  2. hey u~ i'll for sure show u the small one when im done~

    and yeah we'll definitly do the collage thingy next time i come back or whenever im free~ =)


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