January 27, 2008


This weekend I went back to Markham. On Friday, met up with Jen and Eddie at Chako. It's a new Korean BBQ on Hwy.7 and East Beavers Creek. I haven't been there in ages so I was surprised they had this ginormous Destiny there. 2 floors everyone! 2 floors!!! I heard it's not that good but I'll go at least once.
So anyways I went to Chako, and there food were good! The beef, rib, shrimp, salmon, were the best ones. It tastes clean and it had lots of flavor. But it's chinese place so go there now before it drops the quality~
Saturday I dropped by Jen's to chill a little bit. Well mainly was taking her clothes that she no longer wears. I got few nice one =)
After that I went to Pacific mall to buy paints at Curry's. This year I'm going try paint more often on board. When I got home I was working a little bit of wedding dress and finished Paul's itouch case. I forgot to take picture.... -_-

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