January 14, 2007


I shell introduce the gifts I got from people. Guess what the Famicon controller do? It's a TV remote control. Up/Down be the volume, left/right is a channel change, start is on/off, select is tv/dvd switch and A/B is programmable button. Isn't that cool~?? =) The toy on the left its named "unazukinn", if you ask a question it'll give you an answer for you. The head will actually shakes.

My new saly and pepper container for my dinning table. I think some people may seen this? it's from MINT nyc. It got other pretty cute stuff~

More stuff~ I got lots of coasters now~ =) The cutest one is the one that can connect one another and it can turn into a pot mattress. Now that's cute =)

Last one and not least, this is the camera I got from my sir~ =) It's a really nice camera. I didn't care too much of the new technology but I just wanted a compact size, and shock resistent. And now here it is a perfect camera that's for me~ Thank you sir~

Finally I can take pictures I want and share them to all~ I will definitly show my new apartment~

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