January 28, 2007

my weekend

I've finally watched Batman Begins with HD DVD~ Pretty sexy~ =) I didn't actually watched all the other Batmen movies, I just remember it was gay to watch -_- But this one, it felt more realistic. Just like James Bond Casino Royal, it's not cheasy. The costume designs were nice. I personally didn't like batmobile that much. It was appealing that it was funtional. Well it won't make sense to use the original batmobile at this mondern world. So it's okay ;)

I tried playing this game, IT IS AWESOME~!!!!!!!!! I've been always a warioware fan so when I tried this game, you get to actually experiment what you would do in the previous game. You know before how we only get to expriment by using the d-pad and the AB buttons to do the tilting, slicing things so your just controlling the games. But this game, the game controls you. Pretty amazing =)

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