January 22, 2018

Sweet Potato Rice

There is this amazing Japanese Fall dish called Kuri Gohan.
It's very simple recipe where you use chestnuts and steam them with rice in the rice cooker. But the problem is, chestnut is huge manual labor where you have to soak the nuts for few days until they're soft for you to slice off the skin with a knife.

SO for alternative, try using Japanese sweet potatoes!
It definitely doesn't do justice as Kuri Gohan but it still has nice cozy, sweet and soft texture as chestnuts. I'm also addicted with sprinkleing black sesame seed on top to give that roasted flavor. When it's up to me with my rice bowl, I cover the entire bowl with black sesame seeds!

This recipe is so stupidly easy I make them at least once a week in large batch!

sweet potato rice

Sweet Potatoes Rice
- 2 small asian sweet potato(satsumaimo) or 1 medium size
- 2 cups(rice measurement) Japanese rice
- 1 tsp sea salt
- 1 tbsp sake

- Black sesame seed

Step 1: Cut potatoes into cubes.

sweet potato rice

Step 2: In the rice cooker bowl, add rice and water first following the water you need to cook rice.

Step 3: Add salt and sake, and mix with rice very well.

Step 4: Add potatoes on top, spreading them evenly. Cook the rice.

Step 5: Once it's done cooking, mix the rice bowl until potatoes are mixed with rice very well.

Step 6: Serve in rice bowl and sprinkle black sesame seed.


sweet potato rice

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