April 15, 2017

Curry Ginger Chicken Donburi

A recipe I got from Cookpad TV.
If you're ginger lover, this is perfect simple dish for it! You'll get nice kick of ginger spice with flavor of curry powder.

Most of the time when I make sauce, I use the common method using potato starch and water it down and then pour into the pan to thicken the sauce. This is another method where you sprinkle the potato starch on raw chicken first and then grill with it. When the chicken starts sweating, the juice will automatically mix with potato starch and it create this nice thick chicken sauce that you're ready to add additional sauce.

If you get chicken breasts with 4 packs just double the measurement for the sauce.

Curry Ginger Chicken Donburi

Curry Ginger Chicken Donburi
- 2 Chicken breasts
- Potato starch
- Salt
- Vegetable Oil or Sesame Oil
- Ground pepper
- Sake

- 1 tsp curry powder
- 1.5tbsp mirin or sake
- 2/3tbsp soy sauce
- 1 small size(about 1/2'' thickness) of grounded fresh ginger

1. Slice chicken breasts into bite size. Line them on tray.
2. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and potato starch in this order.
3. Flip other side and repeat step 2.
4. Heat medium size pan at medium-high. While waiting, make the sauce and set aside.
5. Pour oil and grill the chicken until brown and then flip sides.
6. Pour sake, just enough to cover the bottom and cover with lid to steam for 3-5min at medium heat.
7. Open the lid and pour the sauce in the pan and stir constantly at high heat.
8. When the sauce bubbles remove the pan from stove and serve on the plate.

As optional sidedish, you can add boiled spinach that's drained and remove the any access water and serve it together. Add chopped green onion to garnish.

- Plate rice in a bowl, with chicken, spinach, and green onion.

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