January 15, 2017

Chili Miso

Try out this Chili Miso from Abokichi.

They had sample at One of the Kind Show and I fell in love with the flavor!
Here is simple breakfast you can add the chili to make it extra flavorful.

rice bowl

Egg Drop Rice 

- 1 serving bowl of rice
- 1 egg
- chopped green onion
- Abokichi: Okazu Chili Miso

1. Pack rice into a bowl with center dipped in so the egg falls into middle.
2. Drop an egg and sprinkle green onion and chili.
3. Mix everything together.
4. Add more green onion and chili if you wish.

rice bowl

Breakfast Menu:

- Egg drop rice with choli miso, green onion
- Miso soup with konbu, onion, green onion
- Stir-fry cabbage and bacon (You can add veggies to the egg drop rice.)
- Sliced banana, apple

rice bowl

rice bowl

rice bowl

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