August 13, 2016

How Many Expressions Do You Have?

Have you bought so many frames(like me) because they were on sale or you don't have picture to frame yet?

Here is a little activity you can do with your kids or couple do together!

Expressions: framed

I bought this poster size frame from IKEA that I wanted to put on the wall but didn't have picture to frame it. So what Tim and I did was reuse the back side of the paper that comes with the frame, painted yellow circle and each of us took turns to draw faces.

It ended it up being fun mini project so I wanted to share this!


Expressions: poster size

Expressions: materials

- Yellow marker or yellow pencil crayon
- Black marker
- 1 photo frame

1. Flip the paper that comes with the frame and measure how any yellow circle you want.

Expressions: marking

2. Fill in the circle. You can remove the matte board in case it gets dirty.

Expressions: draw

Expressions: circles

3. Take turn with your partner to and draw funny expressions in the each circle.

Expressions: faces

Here is a temporary art piece that you can frame on the wall until you want to replace them. Because this was an activity we did together back in 2014, even still we have it framed.

Give it a try!


Expressions: close up

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