January 17, 2016

Sweethearts Mini Valentine Cards

I got two ideas for this year's Valentine cards!
In this post I'm introducing mini Valentine cards that we were once kids and enjoyed this activity. I specifically enjoyed this activity where you write a little cards for your classmates and hand deliver to their desk mailbox. To my closer friends I drew pictures in the card and I spent lot of time making it pretty.

Sweetheart Candy Mini Card

So this gave me more ideas with Valentine cards for my shop.
These are mini Valentine cards shaped as Sweetheart candies. You can give them out to your friends, teachers or your co-workers!

Sweetheart Candy Mini Card

One example you can do with these is to make them in bulk and write a little message to your special someone and put them in a box or a jar and give it as a gift.

Shop at my Etsy shop! And stay tuned for my second Valentine card idea.

Sweetheart Candy Mini Card

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