January 30, 2016

Super Easy Pajeon

Here is super easy Korean Pancake you can make. This is just simple recipe to serve when you need to use up left over veggies, herbs or quick side dish!

super easy pajeon

Easy Pajeon:
- 1or 2 eggs, beaten
- chopped green onion
- salt and pepper

- other ingredients you can add: green peppers, onions, tomatoes,

1. In heated skillet satay green onion until tender. Season it with salt and pepper.

2. Add eggs in the skillet and reduce it at low-med heat, and cover.

3. Let it steam for 3-4 minutes. Egg will puff up while steaming.

4. Flip the egg on a plate and serve. 

What's next? Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice

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