December 6, 2015

2016 Moleskine Planner

I started using Moleskine agenda for 3 years now. Fun part about using this is that you can decorate the cover. This is a new technique I found that I want to continue in the following year.

2016 is almost here, Let's enjoy rest of 2015!

2016 Moleskine Weekly Planner

Here are other ideas for Moleskine covers I did in the past!

Collection of Moleskine


- Moleskine Agenda
- 1 Sewing Needle
- 4 colors Embroidery Threads
- Sewing Awl or Ice Pick
- Pencil and Eraser

1. Behind the cover of the book, make line art of your design.

2016 Moleskine step 1

2. Pierce holes following the line drawing. About 0.2~0.3mm apart or your preference.

2016 Moleskine step 2
2016 Moleskine step 3

3. Unravel embroidery thread and thread 3 strands through the needle.

2016 Moleskine step 4

4. Stitch the pattern.

2016 Moleskine step 5
2016 Moleskine step 6

5. Option: When your done stitching, you can brush with nail polish on the knots to stiffen so knots won't untangle.

2016 Moleskine step 7

2016 Moleskine finish

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